Our Story

“NOCEUR” is Created by a small group of aspiring individuals.

Because we are tired of looking around for clothes that can give us comfortability and of good quality that’s definitely worth the money.
We know it’s hard. Therefore here at “NOCEUR” We get this done to let our customers feel good and look good.

We want to capture the imagination of the detail-obsessed fashion crowd and to spur a deep interest in street fashion which spreads around the world with like minded people.

“NOCEUR” was more a labour of love rather than a commercial venture therefore all designs are limited.

Our Mission is to create a clothing line that are of great quality without lacking the aspects of looking young and fashionable, to also
change the prospective of fashion lover’s have towards streetwear.
Never having to go through the hassle about considering what to wear, from a walk into town to a night out at the club, any location and any occasion.

“NOCEUR” aims for our customers to ALWAYS look good and still feel comfortable with our apparel without having to care about the irrelevant thoughts of irrelevant people.
Because We are UNRIVALLED, Arrogant, Rebellious and supercilious.
This underlying value defines “NOCEURS’s” position as an revolution of the new era.

“Era of The Unrivalled.”